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Ramour Landscaping

For the best in professional hedge-cutting and bush-trimming services in Cavan,

contact us today.

Hedge Cutting

The expert team at Ramor Landscaping provide the highest standard of hedge cutting in Cavan. Our services combine our years of experience with the latest hedge-cutting tools to ensure a fast and consistent trim every time.

We can effectively trim all types of bushes in gardens, commercial areas, green areas and agricultural land. We have the equipment and the resources to complete all bush-cutting services. Moreover, post-trim, we can remove all green waste from your property. To discuss our hedge-cutting services, please get in contact with our expert team today.

For additional information on our hedge-cutting service, contact Ramor Landscaping today.

Advantages of our hedge cutting Service


We have years of experience offering hedge-trimming services in Cavan and the surrounding counties.


Our vast experience means we can handle both large-scale jobs and smaller projects. We can also effectively trim all types of bushes and even manage long-neglected hedges.


We offer a quality service at highly competitive market rates. For a quote on your hedge trimming needs, contact us today.

For the best in professional hedge trimming, get in contact with Ramor Landscaping today.

Hedge Cutting FAQ

I need hedge trimming near me. What is your catchment area?

We offer our bush trimming service in Cavan and the surrounding area.

How much does hedge trimming cost?

This depends on many factors, including the size of the hedge, its current condition and your location. Contact us today for a free, competitive and personalised quote.

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