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Ramour Landscaping

For the best in professional grass-cutting services in Cavan & the surrounding counties,

contact us today.


Ramor Landscaping offers our clients an extensive range of lawn-cutting services. Using the latest mowers and strimmers, we can turn even the most neglected lawn into a controlled and inviting green space. Our services are available to all sized lawns, including large sprawling lawns and smaller back gardens.

Our expert team uses various tools that allow us to give the closest cut possible while protecting plants, flowers, swings, etc. Moreover, our grass-cutting service also removes all the green waste post lawn cutting.


Along with offering the best lawn-cutting service, our expert landscapers can provide additional services like weed control. Weeds, if left untreated, can undermine the aesthetics of a lawn. Call us to schedule a grass-cutting service in Cavan.

To schedule a grass-cutting service,

call the experts at Ramor Landscaping today.

Advantages of our Lawn Cutting Service


We offer an extensive range of quality lawn-cutting services in Cavan. Our comprehensive portfolio of customers is a testament to our absolute professionalism.


As well as offering all our customers the best service, we continue to be one of the most cost-effective lawn-cutting and weed-control services.


As a local Cavan company, we focus on the needs of our local clients. We try to complete lawn-cutting services quickly and to the highest standard.

Need a lawn-cutting service in Cavan?

Call our expert team today.

Lawns FAQ

I need a grass-cutting service near me. What is your catchment area?

We are a local Cavan company available in Cavan and the surrounding counties.

Do you remove the grass cuttings after a lawn mowing?

Yes, if you need the green waste removed, we can include that in our grass-cutting service.

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