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Ramour Landscaping

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Hedge Planting

Ramor landscaping provides the very best general hedge planting service. From our base in Cavan, we can travel to your location, offering the best hedge supply and hedge planting service. The expertise of our team means we can recommend the correct hedge for you if you're unsure what would suit your garden or property. For more knowledgeable customers, we can supply the exact type of hedge they require and offer a complete planting service.


For the convenience of our clients, we offer an extremely flexible service that can be broken down into three separate options.


Option 1: If you know what hedge you require, we can source the hedge and plant it on your property


Option 2: If you're unsure of what hedge is right for you, we can carry out a site visit to assess the look of your property, measure the required length and then supply the correct hedge and plant it for you.


Option 3: You can supply us with the measurements, and we can provide and plant the hedge on your behalf.

For the best in professional hedge planting,

call our expert team today.

Hedge Planting FAQ

What type of hedges do you supply?

We focus on native Irish hedges, including:


- Hawthorn

- Blackthorn

- Hazel

- Birch

- Crab Apple

- Guelder Rose

- Wild Cherry

- Holly

Will the hedges you supply last forever?

The average native Irish hedge can last for over 50 years if properly cared for. So while that may not be forever, a good hedge can be considered a permanent solution.

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